Send personalized emails & follow up automatically from your email account, as if you were sending them manually.

This is the key to automating the single most impactful lead generation strategy in the world: Cold Email Outreaching.

Complete Email Marketing Automation

It allows you to set up campaigns where you can choose the exact date and time you’d like your prospects to receive your email, in the timezone of your choosing. Setup triggers to customize your campaigns and avoid sending embarrassing follow up email when the prospect already replied to you.

Ultimate Personalization for Higher Response Rates

Personalize every single aspect of your email campaigns, and your prospects will feel as if you were personally and manually crafting an email just for them.We’ve also added Image Personalization, which is the ultimate tool for getting a response to any email sent to anyone.

Deep and Insightful Analytics to Increase Effectiveness

Completely track all your email campaigns from the time it is sent, delivered, opened, read, and replied to. All this data will be at your fingertips from the get-go. We’ve also made it simple to visualize the important parts of your analytics so that you can focus on what can produce you results.

Team Collaboration made Simple

Allow your sales and marketing teams to thrive using FunnelBake, and keep track of everything right from the dashboard.As an administrator, you have full control over your team’s accounts, prospect lists, email campaigns and all their analytics.