When Your Leads Won’t Convert: Quick Solutions To Nasty Problems

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So your company has started generating leads, with or without third-party help. Kudos, you are on the right track for expanding your business! However, as time passes by and you keep checking your conversion rates, something appears to be off with your leads. Namely, you cannot seem to convert them to meetings or sales. What could be the matter? Shortly put, lots of things. Today we are going to debate a few of the most common reasons why your leads conversion might be getting stuck. We are also going to look at a few of the quickest fixes to some of these problems. For best results, we warmly recommend you to discuss your problems with a specialized service that has been in the business for a while and that can use their expertize to help you turn the tables hassle-free.

Reasons Why Your Leads are Not Performing as Expectedlead generation

There are lots of factors that could be influencing the way your leads are responding in a negative matter:

  • Your lead nurturing is insufficient and failing at educating or informing the potential prospects. Your strategy of driving extra drive engagement has been chosen incorrectly and it is causing you to lose valuable leads.

  • Your follow-ups are not done as frequent as they should. The message behind them may also be generating confusion and your prospects may have a difficult time deciding to make the first purchase from you.

  • Your leads are wrong and the people you have targeted are not prepared to engage with your sales department. You might have also contacted the wrong people in the wrong departments and your leads are practically inexistent.

Solutions To Poor Performing Leads

Use Intelligent Chatbots

It will help you drive more successful conversational marketing and speed up the process of leads engaging with sales. Choose those marketing strategies and campaigns that would most benefit from the use of chatbots and do not abuse them. They are not a Holy Grail for marketers to use universally, but rather a well-designed solution that should help a B2B campaign that would not otherwise attract leads on paper. Chatbots also have the potential to attract more sales conversions than other traditional solutions, so they are worth considering. Just think about the way a chatbot can interact with the members of a casino online, both new and old, looking for information on the latest promotions and bonuses or help with creating their account, sending identification papers or making their first deposit using their preferred currency and banking method. For someone who does not have the patience to fill in a form online or send out an email and wait for a few hours or days for a satisfying answer, chatbots are a must-have. You can test out the way these chatbots work on the Australia Casino website by checking out a couple of their casino recommendations. They have great promotions updated regularly, so why not give them a go?

Account-Based Marketing

Aa long as you can plan, design and implement a strong ABM strategy, you have more chances to convert a larger greater number of contacts who will choose to engage with your business. This is because the accounts of this marketing strategy uses have been carefully chosen as they are showcasing a greater tendency to engage in sales.

Make sure you mix your regular marketing strategy of converting leads to sales with a well-selected ABM strategy for best results. It is not advisable to completely abandon all traditional solutions in favor of the account-based marketing alternative.

Nurture Your Leads More Carefully

Lots of businesses start relying on ABM (oftentimes exclusively) simply because their lead nurturing skills suck. Plain and simple. If you feel like lead nurturing is completely obsolete and should no longer be part of your strategy, you’re wrong. You cannot solely rely on sales if you want to maintain the awareness of your brand and keep working on building trust and credibility while educating your leads. The better your leads nurturing strategy, the more sales it will engage once your prospects will be prepared to start buying.

Simply emailing your leads on a monthly basis is not a healthy nurturing option. You need something automated, well-segmented and in real-time, especially when targeting those leads that are showing increased interest or the intention to buy.

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